Client-centred advisers

Are you ready to discover the secret to thriving in today’s fee-based financial services environment?

This book will help you:

  • Build exceptionally strong, high-trust and mutually profitable client relationships
  • Conduct powerful client conversations
  • Become comfortable and effective when discussing fees
  • Effectively engage new clients and re-engage existing ones
  • Eliminate stress and increase your everyday enjoyment and fulfilment

‘The most cutting edge book available for Financial Planners today’
Philip Piggins, Wealth Management Partner at True Potential Wealth Management.

Being a succesful financial adviser is not a numbers game.

The old transactional, sales-based approach is fast becoming defunct. The real key to outstanding success as a financial adviser is helping your clients get more of what they really want from life.

John Dashfield shares a revolutionary new paradigm in psychology that clearly demonstrates that your state of mind is the most significant factor in creating a growing, prosperous and sustainable ‘Client-centred’ practice.

In addition:

The client-centred financial adviser features guest chapters from five leading financial advisers who each share their own secrets to creating a thriving client centred practice.

'John Dashfield shares a life-changing understanding in a way that is engaging, thought provoking and makes ultimate sense. It challnges conventional wisdom, which is why I highly recommend reading this book.' Geoff Buckland, Chartered Financial Planner

'If ever there was a time for this book then it's most definitely now. '
Paul Armson, Founder – Inspiring Advisers