Client-centred advisers
John Dashfield

The Book
‘If you’ve been frustrated by your inability to make the progress you want, or spent ages trying to incorporate other people’s ideas into your business and been left more confused than ever this book is truly eye-opening.

Ian Kemp, Certified Financial PlannerCM professional, D J Lawrence & Associates.

The art of deep client engagement
Do you want to create maximum value for your clients and protect yourself from external threats?

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Unleash your potential

A revolutionary approach to thriving in today's fee-based financial services environment.


  • You could create exceptional client relationships that deliver unrivalled value – every single time
  • Breakthroughs becoming commonplace for you and your business
  • Life with less stress and more joy

    In a business world that seems full of superficial tips, tools and techniques our coaching and programmes teach something that is fundamental to performance and results.

    What you will learn has real substance and produces a significant and continuing rise in clarity of mind, personal effectiveness and ability to thrive, whatever the circumstances.

    Whether you’re new to the business, or you’re an experienced practitioner; if you’re ready to unleash the hidden potential of your mind - – you’ve come to the right place.

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