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John Dashfield

‘If you’ve been frustrated by your inability to make the progress you want, or spent ages trying to incorporate other people’s ideas into your business and been left more confused than ever this book is truly eye-opening. Ian Kemp, Certified Financial PlannerCM professional, D J Lawrence & Associates.

John Dashfield

The Client-centred adviser blog shares materials on the ultimate source of potential, performance and what is at the very core of being Client-centred.

Please feel free to explore, consider for yourself and benefit from the ideas.

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The art of deep client engagement 

Do you want to create extraordinary value through transforming your client experience? 

A brand new and unique 6 x 1-hour webinar programme for client centred financial advisers.

New programme begins on soon...  



For years the financial services business has been focused on improving your technical ability with most practitioners spending scores, if not hundreds, of hours in study.

However, essential though this is, your technical skills bear no correlation whatsoever with your ability to meaningfully connect with your clients and build long-term, high-quality and extremely profitable relationships.

There are many technically able advisers who suffer lost opportunities, lower income, lack of referrals, less enjoyment and more stress because their communication lacks impact and they fail to create real value. 

The fact is that clients do not want an adviser talking 'technical speak’ to them, using out-dated sales techniques or running some kind of hidden agenda. They want to: 

* Feel comfortable enough in your presence to be open with you
* Talk about what matters most to them
* Feel that you really listened to them
* Get the most out of life now and make intelligent decisions about the future
* Live in accordance with their highest values
* Have a meaningful financial strategy that aligns with how they really want to live their lives
* Work with a trusted adviser

Do you want to be able to intentionally create these outcomes rather than just leaving it to chance? 

As a financial professional you have a wonderful opportunity to impact your client’s lives for the better but, ultimately, how effective you are will be determined by your ability to deeply engage your clients. 

Make a bigger impact

At whatever level of experience you are at this programme is designed to help you make a bigger impact with your clients and, consequently, get bigger, better results and more enjoyment from what you do. 

Imagine you could become a master at: 

* Building exceptionally high trust, rapport and credibility - in any situation
* The core elements of powerful client conversations
* Helping your clients do their best thinking in your meetings 
* Being a truly outstanding listener 
* Discovering what your clients really want
* Powerfully communicating the value that you can deliver
* Keeping your clients highly engaged throughout the whole planning process and into the future
* Avoiding the wrong client relationships 

How much difference would it make to you and your business if these factors became your standard way of operating?

Why is this programme different?

Most of the material you will find on communication and influence is focused upon trying to help you develop new behaviours. For example, this could be prescribed techniques to help you build rapport, ask the right questions or become a better listener.

However, there is something far more fundamental going on and it is the reason that trying to develop new behaviours so often has low impact, fails to be sustained and, in some cases, even has a negative effect.  

The key to exceptional communication

In this fast-paced world, many advisers do not realise just how distracted they have become. They have too much on their minds, their quality of presence and attention is low and this creates a significant barrier to really high-quality communication.  

The real key to creating the ultimate level of trust and connecting with clients in meaningful ways is in your clarity of mind.  

With a clear mind you are free to put your full attention on your client, listen to them without judgement and be highly intuitive in your responses. It is your clarity of mind that promotes your clients doing their very best thinking and when they do this the meaning, relevance and perception of value in your work will go up, often staggeringly. 

As you develop and deepen your understanding of the importance of state of mind and what creates it, you will find yourself easily and effortlessly connecting with your clients in more meaningful ways. Ultimately, this creates more value for them and more business for you.  

Is this programme right for you?

At a time when huge investment is being made in removing the human element and delivering advice and financial transactions through technology it has never been so important to leverage the human element.  

Many advisers have invested little or even nothing in their ability to be a highly-effective communicator. In many cases they are still relying on the out-dated sales training they had years ago.

The fact is that the world has changed. The financial services business has changed. Now, more than ever, if you are to thrive as a practitioner you must have the ability and confidence to connect with your clients in ways that has them experience extraordinary value in what you can do for them.  

When was the last time you paid meaningful attention to taking your people skills to an exceptional level?

You have your client’s very best interests at heart and know you can do a brilliant job for them but how well are you communicating this?

Poor habits leads to poor results

Many practitioners, without even knowing it, have habits that work against them and, as a result, they get lower trust and respect from clients.

Let me share three extremely common examples:

1) There is a toxic question that many advisers are asking themselves when in meetings with clients or potential clients and lowers trust and it often loses them business.  Most don't even know this question is on their minds because it is a deeply ingrained, unconscious habit. 

I know from my own personal experience that once you are free from this destructive habit you are able to communicate in a much more human way and, consequently, your relationships becomes richer, more rewarding and more profitable.

2) Another example is advisers who talk 'technical' speak' to clients, imagining that clients will value this. Maybe some will but the majority will be totally switched off and it lowers the tone and kills feelings of goodwill. 

It is important that you know exactly how to find a healthy balance between delivering information and keeping your clients interested and engaged at all times

3) Some advisers try to engage clients in more meaningful conversations and yet their their communication can come across as 'wooden' and unnatural. So, instead of making the client feel at ease it can make them feel like they are at a job interview.

When you understand why this happens it becomes easy to eradicate this situation and have easy, flowing and yet highly productive conversations. 

What does the programme involve and what it will do for you?

When you enrol in this programme you will receive a pre-programme questionnaire to be completed before your sessions begin. This is an important part of the process because you are determining your outcomes, where you are now and the areas you want to focus upon and develop. 

The programme itself consists of 6 one-hour, live webinar sessions. This means that there is no travelling involved and you can participate from the comfort of your own office or home. Each session is recorded so that you can go back over the material again and again.

The sessions will take place over 6 weeks so that there is plenty of space in-between each webinar (an important aspect of the programme). On each session there will be the opportunity to ask questions, make comments, focus upon particular areas of importance and return to areas you would like to understand better. 

Although the content may be delivered at a slightly different pace than as set out below, we will cover the following areas:

Session 1 - Laying the foundations
What is the art of deep client engagement?
What is the most significant factor in the experience that your client has?
Understanding your ultimate leverage point for creating more value
Developing an ever deepening quality of presence
Healthy vs. unhealthy psychological functioning

Session 2 - Building rapport, trust and credibility - effortlessly
The three levels of client conversation
Building rapport effortlessly
What to do when people are initially suspicious of you
How to deal with 'difficult' people
Creating instant trust

Session 3 - A new way of listening
Why the way you listen is absolutely crucial to your results
The three levels of listening
Why most people don't listen well
The power of silence
Intuitive conversations

Session 4 - The art of discovery
What questions do
Asking powerful questions
How to be responsive to your clients needs
Examples of what successful planners are doing

Session 5 - Keeping clients highly engaged
Opening your meeting
Engaging your client 
How to avoid people switching off
Using stories, metaphors and your own experiences
How to always be responsive to your client

Session 6 - What could stop you?
Getting out of your own way
Dealing with set-backs
The neutrality of circumstances
The client-centred mind-set

Programme times and dates

Begins Monday 5th June 11am - 12pm and then every Monday at the same time for 6-weeks with the programme finishing on 10th July 

Are you ready to begin?

Some people are ready to enrol immediately and some want a little more time or information before deciding to join the programme.  

Whichever group you are in I urge you to take action now because when you take immediate action you will create momentum and take a genuine step towards your goals rather than procrastinating through indecision.  

Enrol with confidence - Money Back guarantee

Even though I am completely confident this programme will deliver exceptional value I want to remove all risk. I want to make sure that you are 100% happy with me, the programme and what you are learning

So, if after the first two sessions you are not completely happy that  you can get a full refund of the fee, no quibble. 

Enrol Now and for a strictly limited period save £200! Discounted fee £397.00


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