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John Dashfield

‘If you’ve been frustrated by your inability to make the progress you want, or spent ages trying to incorporate other people’s ideas into your business and been left more confused than ever this book is truly eye-opening. Ian Kemp, Certified Financial PlannerCM professional, D J Lawrence & Associates.

John Dashfield

The Client-centred adviser blog shares materials on the ultimate source of potential, performance and what is at the very core of being Client-centred.

Please feel free to explore, consider for yourself and benefit from the ideas.

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One to one coaching and mentoring programmes

Many of my clients have already accomplished a great deal in life. They may own their own business or be a key person in their firm. They may be experiencing success in pursuit of their ambitions and goals.

But no matter how well we’ve done, or what we’re trying to achieve, if we expect external success to lead to internal happiness and contentment, we’re likely to suffer frustration, stress and insecurity, far more often than we would like.

This can show up in different ways.

For example, experiencing high stress levels and a lack of genuine contentment may lead some high-achievers to believe they’re simply not trying hard enough. What they do about this makes sense with their understanding of life – they grit their teeth and try even harder!

But life doesn’t work like that. Their stress level continues to rise – and genuine contentment remains elusive.

Does this mean you should give up, settle for less?

Absolutely not! But it’s time to change your thinking and operate from a new foundation; one which will enable you to achieve consistent high-performance whilst at the same time experiencing that deep sense of flow, inner peace and real contentment.

My one to one coaching is not a formula. There’s no process and no set of rules to follow.

During our work together you won’t be learning to cope better or try harder – you’ll be learning a fundamental truth about how life really works.

As you grasp the inside-out nature of life you’ll experience a sense of aliveness, inner peace and wellbeing like never before. Yet for this to happen, nothing in your life needs to change.

You’ll find yourself operating ‘in the zone’ far more often. You’ll perform better than ever but without experiencing those old stress levels. You’ll stop trying so hard to get somewhere because you’ll understand that ‘there’ is no better than ‘here’. In fact, the ‘here and now’ will become the best place of all – because the ‘here and now’ is all we have.

What can you expect to gain from one to one to one coaching?

Working one to one has been the foundation of my practice and I enjoy nothing more than the kind of deep, powerful conversation that can take place between two people.

The outcomes you experience from this will be specific and personal to you. But there are a few things you can expect when we work together:

You’ll naturally create deeper and more fulfilling relationships
You’ll communicate more authentically and powerfully
You’ll deal better with obstacles because you appreciate their true nature
You’ll become more effective as a leader
You’ll get clarity, feel inspired
You’ll grow in confidence, perform better, feel happier and more fulfilled
You’ll become more creative and intuitive

Is this right for you?

All my clients all meet the following criteria:

They are ready to evolve and transform
They are ready and willing to break free from habitual and limiting thought patterns and beliefs
They are ready to invest in themselves at the required level
The process begins with a conversation – we will need to see whether we can work together effectively.

I work with clients in person, by telephone or Skype. I also offer one to one high-impact ‘intensives’ – please enquire for more information.

If you would like to schedule an initial conversation, e-mail me at