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John Dashfield

‘If you’ve been frustrated by your inability to make the progress you want, or spent ages trying to incorporate other people’s ideas into your business and been left more confused than ever this book is truly eye-opening. Ian Kemp, Certified Financial PlannerCM professional, D J Lawrence & Associates.

John Dashfield

The Client-centred adviser blog shares materials on the ultimate source of potential, performance and what is at the very core of being Client-centred.

Please feel free to explore, consider for yourself and benefit from the ideas.

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“John has really helped change my thinking, increased my confidence and reduced my anxiety. I feel anything is achievable and feel that John has improved not only my business life but personal life as well. Highly, highly recommended!”  Geoff Buckland, Associate Director, IFA, Pension and Investment Specialist.

“His ability to communicate is second to none in my experience, and his knowledge and skill with language and the clues it offers to thought processes are exceptional. John is truly able to listen, draw out the ideas from you, and reprogram your thinking to create major and revolutionary change.
Combined with his business experience and training, this is someone who really will help you to achieve not only greater success, but more peace of mind and harmony along the way. Wherever you are in your business or personal life, you’ll be surprised and delighted by where a conversation with John will take you. Don’t prevaricate, just call him.” Andy Jervis, Chesterton House Financial Planning

“John has a great ability to drill down to the heart of any issue, flush out the key elements and help his client decide on the best course of action, amazed that this has not been obvious before. He does this in a very personable and unassuming style, and I challenge anybody to not get tremendous benefit from his input.”  Martin Greensted, Paxton Associates

“John has enabled me to focus on finding solutions to strategic problems and develop a culture of “reaching a new personal best”. The hard facts – revenue, profits, fulfilment all at record levels with new targets in sight.”  Dominic Thomas, Solomon’s IFA

“Working with John I have transformed my business from a transactional model to a relationship based model. He has coached and guided me through the process of taking my communication and business skills to a new level, which has given me a solid foundation to build a business I’m truly proud of. The result of this is that I’m creating a good long-term recurring income base, finding my work far more personally rewarding and feeling confident about the future.”  Matthew Spain-Warner, True North

“John was very helpful and his advice was very valuable. He has added to the success of this business. I would recommend his coaching sessions if you are looking to move your business forward.” Angela Melanophy, AM Mortgages and Financial Services