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Welcome to The Client Centred Blog; Free content that shares a fresh approach to thriving as a financial professional in a rapidly changing environment.

This blog has its foundation in a new understanding of the human mind that gives you the ultimate platform for creating better results, thriving under any circumstances and living the life you want.     

I invite you to explore the materials, reflect upon how it relates to you and your business and enjoy the benefits.

The more present you are, the more presence you have

A few years ago I read a book called ‘Clients Forever’ by Doug Carter. He very wisely points out that real value is created when clients have a revelation, an ‘ah-ha’ moment or an insight. This is when they see something new or differently and this is important because people always buy or take action…

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Want clients for life? The one thing you MUST do

Here is a recent experience one of my financial planner clients, Phil, shared with me. A business owner, Trevor, had worked extremely hard to build a successful enterprise, which included him working every Saturday. Now the business had been established for several years he could easily cut back his hours to spend more time with…

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