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Awakening your inner spark

Ultimately, business is all about getting results – results for clients, results for the business and results for the people who work in and for the business – and businesses are hungry for whatever can help them get bigger, better results more easily.

Last week I was invited in to give a presentation to a fast-growing software company based in the City.

The owner is a client and understands that one of his greatest leverage points for thriving in a competitive market is in something that has yet to reach the mainstream…

As I began my presentation one of the first questions I asked the team was, individually, to think of a time when you felt very peaceful or ‘in the zone’ and to go back into the feeling you experienced at that time.

I then asked them the kind of qualities that were available to them at this time?

Some of the responses were…

Freedom. Relaxed. Clarity. Everything’s ok. No expectations. Being yourself. Inner peace. Heightened awareness. Focus.

Having had the chance to work with many groups and individuals and ask the same question, you always get similar answers.

The words may vary but the space they are pointing to is always exactly the same.

This space is a high-performance state of mind and who wouldn’t want more of this?

In any field of endeavour, whenever people excel, whenever you excel, you can be sure that you have dropped out of your personal, intellectual mind and into this far more expansive space of no limits.

In the context of your business there is not one single area – client meetings, leading your team, innovating better ways of doing things, sales and marketing, decision making – that cannot be improved through operating from here, more of the time.

Yet harnessing this space is a mystery to most people.

Few experience it on anything other than an occasional basis. In fact, some people never experience it, but it is only ever one thought away.

What would it do for you and your team to operate from this space far more of the time?

There is only one thing to know.

Currently, the world has it back to front. It looks to people as though the outside world is what causes their inner experience.

So, when feeling stressed, over-burdened and too busy, it gets blamed on things like having a stressful day, or other people, or the pressure to get things done.

The outside-in misunderstanding kills potential and often creates a reactive way of being because when people think that something outside and independent of them has control of their feelings, then this creates more stress.

Trying to think your way out of it won’t work. This is like running as fast as you can to slow your heartbeat down. It will never work. Not in a million years.

The fact is that we operate the other way around – your state of mind creates your experience. Human beings work from inside to out.

A better state of mind or a change of a heart is the only thing that can clear up outside issues.

Whatever you are facing, when in the inner space of clarity, freedom and perspective, then you will navigate through it with ease, grace and intelligence.

Many of us will go into the New Year with fresh, exciting plans and inspiring goals, which is great.

But staying the course, meeting or even exceeding our expectations and enjoying the process is 100% down to how we function on the inside.

Awakening your inner spark opens up a world of infinite possibility.


John Dashfield spent 14 years as a self-employed adviser. Since 2006 he has been a coach, mentor and author helping advisers create transformations in their business and personal lives.



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