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Growing your business in the quickest, most efficient way possible – Here’s how

Something extremely valuable I learned from my coach is that every system is perfect for the result it creates.

For instance, …

If you are only getting half of the business that you want, then your current system is perfect for that result.

If you are working fifteen hours a week more than you want to then your current system is perfect for that result.

If you spend too much time on unprofitable clients, then your current system is perfect for that result.

So, if you want to double your business, reduce your hours, or only work with profitable clients then put in a new system that creates your desired result.

You can apply this to any result you want to create.

This all seems very straightforward and simple, right? So, how come so many people seem to have problems with it?

Because we personalise the situation.

Instead of looking at the situation in an objective way, we make it mean something about us personally.

When my system only produced half the business, I wanted I personalised the situation and thought, “This is really difficult, I am no good at getting clients. There must be something wrong with me.”

There are an infinite number of ways we could personalise something because we all think in different ways.

But the result is always the same.

It robs you of your power to create. It makes you feel stuck and discouraged. New ideas seem hard to come by.

Personalising something is when we mistake thought for reality. It is believing our thoughts are true when, in fact, they are just thoughts.

Just because you thought something does not mean it is true, does it?

Steve Chandlers book, ‘Creator’ is a classic. I often send clients a copy or recommend it and many people come back to me and say it is one the best books they have ever read. Steve writes:

“To reactivate our awareness of infinite creativity, we might want to replace every “I’m not good at” with “I have not given time and attention to the practice of that.”

Although you can think of creativity belonging to artists, designers, or writers, it is an innate quality we all have. You can be creative about any problem or challenge you face.

Building new and better systems and a better business is a creative process.

Connecting with your creativity is putting your attention on what you want to create, letting go of the ego and allowing inspiration to flow.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” Maya Angelou

P.S. I have found the material by Steve Chandler of tremendous help in both my business and personal life. If you want to see what he has to offer you can click here.

John Dashfield

John Dashfield spent 14 years as a self-employed adviser. Since 2006 he has been a coach, mentor and author helping advisers create transformations in their business and personal lives.


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