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The Client-centred Blog

Welcome to The Client Centred Blog; Free content that shares a fresh approach to thriving as a financial professional in a rapidly changing environment.

This blog has its foundation in a new understanding of the human mind that gives you the ultimate platform for creating better results, thriving under any circumstances and living the life you want.     

I invite you to explore the materials, reflect upon how it relates to you and your business and enjoy the benefits.

Giving financial advice – 3 important steps

You no doubt put a great deal of time and effort into creating precisely the right advice for your clients but this alone does not guarantee it will be accepted and followed. After working with a number of advisers on this subject we helped them implement three easy but important steps that significantly increased the buy-in from clients –…

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The Impact Factor

“What can I change or add to my product or service that will make this even more attractive, and compelling and irresistible?” 100 ways to create wealth by Steve Chandler and Sam Beckford Dan, is a financial planner who has been in business 7 years and very much wants to build his practice and increase…

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Sell the experience, not the concept

Several years ago I learned from master coach Steve Chandler his ‘Eighteen fearless disciplines’ for creating clients. He calls them disciplines because you actually have to practice them rather than just know the idea. The first of these disciplines is ‘Sell the experience, not the concept’ and it can transform the way you conduct the…

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What can we learn from doctors who get sued?

Would you like to build even stronger, more productive relationships with your clients and deliver more value than ever before? Although technical knowledge seems to have taken precedence over everything else for advisers in recent years, what use is it if an adviser is not able to combine what they know with the ability to…

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Qualified financial planner – but holding back?

Just recently I had lunch with an adviser friend of mine and he revealed to me that despite becoming a certified financial planner five years ago, regularly attending meetings and events for planners and wanting to only offer a financial planning service he is not actually doing it. He said that he was still only…

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Being is the new doing

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein In this wonderful age of information, gadgetry and technology you might imagine that we would all be exceptionally productive and, importantly, happy and satisfied with what we get done. But is this really the case? There is no doubt…

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The real problem with fee charging (and it is never about the money)

Fees and fee charging are now a fact of life for financial professionals and yet it seems to be an area that creates far more challenges than is necessary. Common questions that come up for advisers are: What to charge for? What to actually charge? How to charge? When to ask for the money? How…

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Selling your services – are you pushing or pulling?

‘To effectively engage someone, you must be operating from a higher level of consciousness than the other person at that moment’. Garrett Kramer, Stillpower At a time when consumers have more choice, are more demanding and less tolerant of being placed under any kind of negative pressure it has never been more important to up…

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Do you want more of the right clients?

An area that many advisers seem to find challenging is finding and engaging enough of the right clients. Naturally, there is a great deal of information and advice available in this area, however, if you feel you have diligently tried to find out what to do and yet continue to struggle then this article will…

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The three levels of value creation

“If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.” General Eric Shinseki, Chief of Staff, U. S. Army The primary function of a business is to create value and I would imagine that everyone would agree that it is vitally important that our clients experience the highest value possible from what we…

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