‘I was first introduced to John Dashfield around June 2015, by a delegate whom I was on a Financial Planning course with. After an initial discussion with John, I was intrigued about how he said we create our experiences in life, through the 3 Principles of Thought, Mind & Consciousness and how these 3P’s could have a profound effect on how we do business.

This has really lead to some profound shifts in life for me! None more than the realisation that for years, I played the victim in many areas of my life and allowed superstitious thinking to old me back in so many ways, from a personal and business point of view! Once we get to understand how our experiences are created, it really does give us a sense of freedom to operate outside of the illusory way we are conditioned to think.

I really do recommend the coaching that John offers. I have been on many coaching programmes before, but this is the first coaching programme which deals with the “cause as well as the effect”. If you are looking to connect with your clients on a deeper level and get to know yourself better in the process, then John Dashfield’s coaching programme is for you.’