The Client-Centred Academy

Come and learn how to transform the lives of your clients and enjoy massive personal benefits by being a client-centred adviser!

The Client-Centred Academy

Come and learn how to transform the lives of your clients and enjoy massive personal benefits by being a client-centred adviser!

Dear Friend,

We are now accepting enrolments for our 2023 Client-Centred Academy!

If you are a financial planner or adviser who is keen to achieve transformational results for your clients AND live a wonderful life in the process, this is definitely the most important letter you will read today.

But first, I want to be upfront with you so that none of your valuable time is wasted:

The Client-Centred academy is NOT for everyone. If you are just looking for more tools, techniques and tips, this programme will not be for you. We believe that ‘how to’ information tends to create incremental or no results. Therefore, this programme is about delivering outstanding results through YOUR OWN personal transformation. This is not for everyone, but it may be for you!

Before we jump into the details of what the Academy is all about…

You are invited to join our PRE-Academy for FREE and get started right away with invaluable content and support!

The PRE-Academy comes with a ton of resources and insights:


You will experience Academy content, Q & A sessions and special guests

Conversations with successful,
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Virtual meetings with
like-minded peers

Why are we running the pre-Academy?

Because we want you to experience the value of the programme’s content first-hand rather than you trying to imagine how it might help you.

There is no catch, no pressure and definitely no hidden obligations – the extent of your involvement and our promise is completely transparent.

Onto the Academy itself:

Why are we running this academy?

I became a self-employed financial adviser in 1991. After resigning from my day job, I was given just one week of training before being expected to go out there and make a living for myself.

Well, how things have changed!

Today, the training required to become a qualified financial professional is, quite rightly, completely different. It takes longer, is far more involved and certainly a lot more professional.


As you probably also know, the training and qualification process is almost entirely technical. You learn about finances, tax, investments, risk, pensions, trusts, the financial planning process, etc.… yet next to nothing about people!

When it comes to the human side of being a financial professional, most advisers wing it – to varying  success.

What do we mean by the “human side of the business”? For instance:

Your ability to build and maintain exceptional relationships based upon trust, human connection, understanding, value and transparency.

Your level of performance on a day-to-day basis.

Your personal levels of satisfaction, fulfilment and enjoyment of life.

Your ability to unlock more of your own potential and the potential of others.

Your ability to set, manage and execute your priorities efficiently and effectively.

Your ability to build and maintain exceptional relationships based upon trust, human connection, understanding, value and transparency.

Your level of performance on a day-to-day basis.

Your personal levels of satisfaction, fulfilment and enjoyment of life.

Your ability to unlock more of your own potential and the potential of others.

Your ability to set, manage and execute your priorities efficiently and effectively.

So, let me ask you a question:

In comparison to your technical training, how much time, commitment and money have you put into developing the human side of your business?

If you are like most advisers, it may only be a tiny percentage. And yet, your ability to thrive and succeed, both professionally and personally, has really far more to do with the human factor than your technical knowledge.

So, why learn to excel at the human factor?

It’s simple! It’s about developing your massive untapped potential and experiencing all the rewards.

Just imagine yourself…

And why is the human side of being a financial planner or adviser now more important than ever?

The world of financial advice is changing fast, and purely transactional client relationships are becoming less and less commercially viable.


Firstly, technology.

Routine tasks are becoming increasingly automated, and we are moving towards the financial adviser being largely removed from purely transactional advice. Ever-increasing numbers of people are setting up and managing their financial arrangements online and at a fraction of the cost of a person-to-person advice proposition.

Secondly, demographics.

The baby boomer generation is currently at, or approaching, traditional retirement age. As ‘3rd agers’, they have another third of their lives ahead and want to live that to the fullest. A relationship with someone they trust implicitly is highly sought after; relationships with individuals who simply want to sell them financial products with little context and meaning behind them are unwanted. Instead, they want insightful conversations that help them to plan for and live the life they desire.

The generations following the baby boomers – generation X, millennials and generation Y, have all grown up around technology. Using technology to set up and manage their own investment arrangements is their preferred way of operating. So, a person-to-person advice proposition must bring more to the table than purely transactional advice to be of value.

Thirdly, the changing nature of advice relationships.

Going back in time, successful financial advice used to be about sales skills. Then, due to regulation, the role professionalised and the job became more technical and consultative. Now, the role of a financial professional is moving toward big picture thinking and acting as a trusted coach rather than giving purely technical advice. Clients most value a relationship with someone who helps them achieve their goals, attain the lifestyle they seek and experience greater well-being.

Fourthly, regulations and industry requirements.

A requirement of current regulation is to demonstrate that you know your client. Not just the hard facts but also the soft facts upon which your advice is based. One example of this is demonstrating clear and compelling evidence that regulated advice is based upon client needs and wants. There will be an additional requirement with regard to transparency and to demonstrate value for money of a person-to-person advice proposition.

Who is this Academy for?

This academy IS for you if:
This academy is NOT for you if:

Why is this Academy different and why should you choose it?

Most development programmes focus upon behavioural change. You learn tools, techniques and processes to apply to your day-to-day work.

The big problem with this is that this is NOT where your primary impact comes from. It often fails to lead to better results.

Highly respected psychologist Dr. George Pransky was one of the first people to demonstrate that most of the impact you have upon people does not, in fact, come from your actions.

Instead, he pointed out that your impact comes from YOU, your being, who you are.

It is precisely for this reason that despite the very same information, tools and techniques, people’s results often vary dramatically.

The foundation of the Client-Centred Academy is based upon a revolutionary understanding of the mind.

This understanding, which does not rely on processes, techniques or prescriptive practices, gives you a rock-solid grounding from which to operate in the real world and to create the results you truly desire.

By realising how your mind works, you will naturally and without any effort spend an increasing amount of your time in clear, balanced, high-performance states of mind. You will also experience a significant reduction in tension, stress and over-thinking.

All the qualities that create outstanding relationships and results – human connection, trust, listening, understanding, etc. – are a by-product of a clear and present state of mind.

The 12 client-centred mind shifts

Transactional to transformational

Transactional financial advisers primarily focus on the money. Their client conversations are centred around fees, markets and products.

As a client-centred adviser, you understand that money is a means to an end and that your client’s peace of mind, quality of life, well-being and success are where the highest value is created.

You realise that both your client conversations and the relationships you have with your clients constitute the primary value for your clients. This takes you out of the diminishing world of transactional advice and opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you to take advantage of.

Your personal transformation

A thriving, client-centred practice is a natural extension of your own continuing personal transformation. As you transform, your business transforms with you, and your client relationships stay fresh and inspiring.

In our society, we are culturally conditioned to focus upon ‘doing’. Yet, we get so busy ‘doing’ that we forget that our way of ‘being’ really determines the quality and impact of our actions. Being is not a passive state, though it is calmer, more reflective and intuitive.

Imagine experiencing an increasing sense of natural 'flow' to your life, more joy and a significant reduction in stress.

Creator of value

There are three levels of value creation:

Level 1 – you provide financial products
Level 2 – you solve financial problems
Levels 3 – you facilitate transformational change

As technology increasingly takes over routine tasks and human input is vastly reduced or even entirely eliminated, purely transactional advice will become increasingly consigned to irrelevancy. At the same time, the problem-solving space is becoming more crowded.

The new economy for financial professionals revolves around client well-being, quality of life and peace of mind. Of course, you can continue to create value at levels 1 and 2, but by shifting your focus you are future-proofing your business and opening up more revenue streams.

The more present you are, the more presence you have

The quality of your presence constitutes the most significant factor in building exceptional client relationships. With high-quality presence, you connect more deeply with others, listen exceptionally well, have low self-orientation and come across as intuitive and approachable.

Whilst low-quality presence and attention may be almost universal in today’s society, you can be the exception. Presence is not something you do; it is a natural consequence of understanding the nature of thought and allowing yourself to relax fully into life.

Reactive to proactive

When you are reactive, you are letting events and circumstances control your life. For instance, you may find yourself responding to events after the fact or you are often in ‘fire-fighting’ mode. This is a really stressful way to live, and you probably struggle to get ahead and on top of your to-do list.

What you learn at the Client-Centred Academy will completely turn this on its head. You will discover a new and more reliable operating platform. When you understand the fundamental truth and logic of how something works, it clears up all previous misunderstandings. This is far more powerful and transformational than the conventional approach of “more or better tools”.

Being proactive is a natural consequence of a free and present state of mind. You anticipate events before they occur and always stay in balance when the unexpected does befall you. You experience life as constantly providing you with new opportunity rather than scarcity and stress.

Your happiness becomes a mode of travel, not a destination

The great Western disease is, “I’ll be happy when… “ (when I have achieved a certain level of money, got the house, car, relationship, etc). Yet this is a misunderstanding of how life really works.

Instead of happiness being a desired destination you will discover that increased happiness and life satisfaction are in-built and not circumstance dependent. When your happiness effortlessly increases this has a profound impact upon your own quality of life and the impact you can have in the lives of your clients.

The trusted adviser

Absolute trust is the foundation of all high-quality, productive, client-centred relationships.

Yet trust is often greatly misunderstood as it is thought of purely in terms of behaviour. More fundamentally, trust is about being. It is the result of knowing that you will be ok no matter what. Feelings of insecurity are what undermine trust. When you feel completely secure within yourself, then you will exude and inspire trust because it is simply who you are.

This inner confidence is what clients and potential clients pick up on when they meet you for the first time. They do not need to try and decide if they can trust you because it is something they can absolutely sense intuitively.

Influencing with integrity

Influencing with integrity is the result of absolute trust, rapport and credibility between yourself and your client. These values are grounded in your own sense of inner well-being and state of mind.

The ability to influence with integrity is compromised through self-orientation. For instance, focusing upon your own perceived needs will drastically weaken your ability to influence, and this results in subservient client relationships.

Your internal state of being is what ultimately leads to being able to influence with integrity. Your clients will listen to you with an open mind and be receptive to what you have to share with them as long as they can sense your true intentions.


Your referability is the degree to which people want to refer you to others they know. It is a reflection of the depth of the relationship you have with people and the impact you have had on them.

When your referability is high, people are confident that you will deliver a great service to the people they love and want to help (that is why they refer you). Remember, your clients want to refer you because they want others to have the same positive experience.

Inspired action

Actions are what lead to results. But if your actions arise from feelings of fear, self-doubt or worry, they can lead to results that are misaligned with your desires, they can hinder progress or make it painfully slow and generate a general lack of enjoyment in what you do. Clear, high-quality and purposeful actions arise from insight, inspiration and a clear sense of purpose.

As you deepen your understanding of the invisible principles behind the human experience, you will find this creates far more of a ‘pull’. You will stop pushing so hard because it will no longer make sense to live this way.

Inspirational leadership

Building the right support team around you allows you to focus upon your core strengths and abilities.

The old style of leadership is centred around the carrot and stick approach and no longer fit for the modern world. It tends to create a fear-based culture and leads to burn out, lack of effective communication and costly, high staff turnover.

The inspirational leader sees the potential in people and finds ways to bring it out and enhance it. With inspirational leadership, your people know and feel that they are a crucial part of the bigger picture and will value that they are part of a supportive and collaborative team effort.

Don’t be just good, be brilliant

When you decide to be brilliant at what you do it changes everything. You experience more joy, satisfaction and fulfilment in your work. You create a bigger impact and greater prosperity for yourself and others.

Being brilliant is not a random outcome that happens for only some. It is about allowing your true self to shine through.

Do you know the best part about being brilliant? It’s fun!

When you’re brilliant you tend to bring out the greatness in others. Yes, you can do a technically excellent job with your client’s finances, but in truth they will be far more impacted and grateful to you if you can bring out their inner greatness. Do this, and they will never stop telling their family, friends and colleagues about you and your services.

What is the structure of the programme?

The programme consists of a comprehensive 6-month training experience delivered through a range of live group intensives, virtual masterclasses, Q & A webinars, and a private Facebook group for questions, sharing resources and insights.  

The live group intensives are conducted over 9 days of in-person training and split into 3 live intensive sessions of 3 days each in a relaxed retreat environment.

Intensive 1

The Foundation Intensive

During our first three days together, we will be looking in particular at what else you can bring to your client relationships beyond the limitations of the ‘normal’ client/adviser role. We will be taking a deep dive into:

The principles behind the inside-out understanding of the mind – where people’s experience of life really comes from (and why recognising that fact really matters).

The amazing capacity of the human mind for insight, creativity and guidance and how this can help you to achieve you and your clients’ full potential.

Where performance comes from and how to realise increasing levels of your potential.

There will be a number of interactive demonstrations and exercises to bring it all to life and drive home important lessons.

Intensive 2

The Connection and Impact Intensive

At the heart of the work we do is one core truth: there is no substitute for being fully present with another human being. Over the course of the Connection Intensive, we’ll be exploring:

What creates deep human connection, trust and credibility.

The art and science of deep listening. You will learn a new way to listen that will improve all your relationships and open up a multitude of new opportunities.

Your transformative presence – how you can make a bigger difference by being more of who you are and letting go of unhelpful thinking habits. 

What makes impact more or less likely to occur.

Of course, there will also be interactive demonstrations and exercises to facilitate and internalise deep and practical understanding.

Intensive 3

The Integration and Evolution Intensive

The infinite creative potential of the mind is often surprisingly overlooked in our quest to solve the most pressing problems in our lives and business.

As we come together for the third intensive, we’ll be exploring:

How you help your clients to live the life they want and accomplish their goals.

A powerful approach to solving any problem, whether in your own life or in your business and with your clients.

What to do when you don’t know what to do.

How to get new clients and continuously evolve your business.

How to keep existing client relationships fresh, engaging and inspiring. This is the key to more referrals and introductions, boosting your business further.

Masterclass webinars

An exciting and important element of the programme are the 6 live virtual Masterclasses. You will learn from exceptional speakers who each have a wealth of experience and deep grounding in the principles behind this programme.

The Masterclasses are interactive, so you will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage with each speaker. Each Masterclass is recorded so you have permanent access and can watch again and again.


The virtual Q and A webinars

To deepen and solidify what you are learning at the live events there are six live Q and A webinars throughout the programme, conducted with John, Stef and some weeks with a special guest contributor.  

If you want to ask questions, give feedback, or clarify any area then this is the place to do it. The webinars are comfortable, fun, and powerful.

Once again, each webinar is recorded so you have permanent access and can watch again and again.

Private Facebook group

The Facebook group is exclusive for Client Centred Academy participants.

This is a place to share insights, breakthroughs and experiences. You can ask questions and we will post a timely response. You can also share useful resources with fellow participants.

Your trainers for the Intensives:

John Dashfield

Before becoming a full-time coach and mentor to advisers in 2006, John Dashfield spent over 14 years in a prosperous career as a self-employed financial adviser.

For 18 years he has coached leading financial professionals, CEOs and key business individuals across the UK, Europe, US, South America, South Africa and Australia. He is the author of ‘The Client-centred Financial Adviser’ and creator of the ‘Financial Planning Power Questions’ card deck.

Stef Cybichowski

Stef is a co-presenter across the live days and webinars. He is an international trainer, coach and speaker and loves to share his inside-out understanding with a diverse range of people. His inspiring teaching leads people to exponentially transform their quality of life, both on a business and personal level.

Having founded and run his own successful businesses, Stef brings an in-depth knowledge and experience of client engagement and the client-centred approach to the table.

The guest webinars

On the guest webinars, you will learn from and be able to engage with a range of exceptional teachers. Each will share powerful ideas and their extensive experience. This will perfectly compliment the live days and improve your business, create more value for your clients and contribute to your own transformation. 

Guest speakers include:

1. Dominic Baldwin

Dominic founded the highly successful financial planning firm Xentum over 25 years ago. He offers one-to-one consultancy to a small number of clients to help them identify and achieve the lifestyle they desire for themselves and their family.

What you will get from Dominic is how to deeply engage high-end clients and create massive ongoing value far beyond the usual transactional client-adviser relationship.

2. Hayley Tink

Hayley was an award-winning financial planner for 15 years and worked five years as a money coach and planner combined. She has spoken at many key industry events, encouraging advisers to integrate behavioural coaching into their client offerings.

She will help you understand how you can bring a coaching element into you financial planning relationships. This will help you add huge value and differentiate yourself.

3. Paul Tracey

Paul is a long-term financial planner and founder of Provest Financial Planning. Paul is exceptionally good at building strong, lasting client relationships. In fact, one of Paul’s biggest challenges is coping with the number of introductions and referrals he gets.

Paul will share his extensive knowledge and experience of how you build exceptional client relationship and work towards being a referral-based practice.

4. Fiona Jacob

One of the most important qualities for a successful life, both professionally and personally, is resilience. So, we have invited one of the very best coaches in the business to talk to you about this subject.

Fiona has experienced a great deal in her life. She was held hostage for 5 months in Baghdad prior to the first Gulf war. She was Director of Nursing at a major Riyadh hospital and dealt with the devastating impact of Al Qaeda bombings in the city. In 2005, she witnessed the stabbing of her closest friend.

These experiences ultimately led to her own personal ‘awakening’, and she is now a wonderful guide, helping people to create and live joy-filled, purposeful, abundant lives.

5. Wyn Morgan

Wyn is an international and highly sought-after trainer. He is also a faculty member on Michael Neill’s Super Coach Academy programme and regular conference speaker.

Wyn is an expert in sales and leadership training, bringing his inside-out understanding to both private clients and corporate work. Wyn will conduct an enlightening session on how to get more clients. You will learn about a new approach that is based upon service, creating value and eliminating stress from the process.

Client testimonials and what they took away from what you will learn at the Academy:

Jeremy Askew

Financial Planner and founder of Town Close Financial Planning

As a result of what he has learnt from John, Jeremy has fundamentally changed his business strategy, delegating more work to others. Now he works three days a week, enabling him to spend quality time with his children. Turnover for his company, Town Close Financial Planning, has also quadrupled from £300,000 to £1.2 million in the space of four years.

“In short, John’s technique has been transformative for me,” said Jeremy. “I have changed my whole approach to business, listening to my clients rather than talking to them, and I’m also able to prioritise what’s important to both myself and my clients.”

Fulva Giust

The Giust Practice

“As a result of John’s teaching, I have come away with a much more fulfilling and better working relationship with everyone I engage with,” said Fulva. “It has taught me that there is no greater satisfaction than seeing the excitement in my clients with the work we are doing together. I truly believe I am finally offering the best possible service to them”.

Stuart Knight

Miller Knight

“John’s programme was a powerful experience. One of the things I learned is how state of mind sits at a higher level and behind everything that we do. I am finding business and relationships so much easier because I have less on my mind.

In client meetings I am now more aware of my own and my clients’ state of mind and this allows me to go to a deeper level, have clients open up so much more and, consequently, I can create more value for them.”

Ian Penberthy

Financial Planner

“John’s programme has been an exceptional experience for me. Over the last 12 months, I have developed a greater understanding around the three principles and how these can be used to enlighten our lives for the better. From attending various courses and discussions, I have noticed that my state of mind has become more relaxed, and this has resulted in a more joyful and pleasant life.

It has helped me both in my personal life as well as my career. I have significantly reduced the “noise” and “unnecessary” thoughts which previously distracted me from having meaningful moments in my life, but also with client interactions. Since I have dropped all of the noise, I have noticed that my client relationships have vastly improved as I am truly listing to the client and what’s really important to them. As things transpired, I noticed an immense improvement with my client interactions, and this has naturally led to better outcomes for the clients’ and the business.”

Geoff Buckland

IFA, Pension, and Investment Specialist

“John has really helped change my thinking, increased my confidence, and reduced my anxiety. I feel anything is achievable and feel that John has improved not only my business life but personal life as well. Highly, highly recommended!”

Annie Mason

SJP, Masons Wealth Associates

“Providing thought provoking sessions, John steers you through the deeper meaning of client engagement, really making you think about your client interactions and the ability of listening which we all think we are pretty good at!! John questions this ability and opens up a deeper level of communicating, not only with your clients but with your peers, your professional contacts and on a personal level too. John doesn’t give you the answers, John doesn’t give you a script. what he does do however, is give you the ability to see how communicating in a different way in your client interactions can give you huge benefits. I would highly recommend this course with John; he is a brilliant business coach.”

Richard Fitzpatrick FPFS

Chartered Financial Planner

“I would thoroughly recommend that all Financial Advisers take advantage of John’s Client Engagement Masterclass, it has been a life changing experience for me as an Adviser and as an individual. I have been in Financial Services for 21 years and after the last 2 years of the Pandemic I have been reflecting on what differentiates me from every other Adviser. After working with John, I have completely changed my approach and my engagement and relationships with clients is so much deeper. I have a much better understanding of their needs and it has shown me the true value that I offer to my clients and as such I get a greater sense of success and fulfilment.”


The live days are being held at Henley Business School, Greenlands, Henley on Thames, RG9 3AU.

This venue is one we have used many times before and continue to return to. It is set in beautiful grounds on the bank of the river Thames and is a perfect setting for transformational work.

On the live days, refreshments are provided, as well as a three-course lunch. If you want to stay over there are rooms available at the school (subject to availability) or there are plenty of alternatives in the local area.  


The live weekends:

  1. 13 – 15 January 2023
  2. 31 March – 02 April 2023
  3. 09 – 11 June 2023


Masterclasses and Q&A sessions will be approximately bi-weekly throughout the programme. Dates and links to be provided.

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Whichever your current readiness, I urge you to take action now because in taking immediate action you create momentum and start to take a genuine step toward your goals rather than procrastinating through indecision.

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