'If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world'

Sydney Banks, The Missing Link

The Freedom of Mind programme

Is there just one solution to any problem or challenge you could ever face?

If you are already doing well in life how do you continue to evolve, realise more potential and increasingly live in 'flow'.

How valuable would it be to transcend habitual thought patterns, such as over-thinking, worry and internal pressure, without effort on your part to do so?


A brand new and unique 12-month programme is beginning on 17th June 2019

The aim of this programme is that you experience your own personal transformation.

Whilst none of us can predict the specific insights we get or the precise timing of when they will occur, there is an intelligent system behind our thinking that is always offering up wisdom, creativity, fresh ideas, common sense and clarity.

A continued exploration into the nature of this system and the mechanics of how our perception of life is created is extremely fertile ground for...


  • Increasing the richness and enjoyment of life
  • Realising more of your potential and playing the game of life at higher levels
  • Enhancing your ability to communicate with and listen deeply to others
  • Moving beyond empowerment and into 'flow' states of mind
  • Significantly reducing and eliminating stress, overwhelm and internal pressure
  • Spending more time in a present, settled state of mind, rather than in habitual thinking about the past or the future
  • Discovering that fresh, new insights are only ever one thought away
  • Change becoming natural, effortless and sustainable rather than difficult
  • The conventional approach to personal improvement, performance and realising greater potential is based around intellectual ideas, techniques and 'how-to's.


This programme offers no prescriptions and points to your essential nature as a human being.


Fundamental principles

William James, regarded and the father of modern psychology, observed over 100 years ago that the field of psychology had no fundamental principles.

James said:

'Someday someone will find principles for psychology and when they do, it will change the field to a philosophy and a science and in turn it will help millions of people.'

These principles were uncovered by the late Sydney Banks in the 1970's and are now helping people all over the world deepen their sense of well-being, achieve closer to their full potential and thrive in every aspect of their lives.

This programme is designed to share these principles and deepen your understanding.

Through your own insights you will find yourself effortlessly aligning with the intelligence already built into the system.


Why am I hosting this programme?

I began my coaching practice in 2004 after a dozen plus years of owning a small but thriving financial advisory practice.

My passion was to help people fulfill more of their potential and be the best version of themselves, more of the time.

I utilised a combination of several approaches to performance, well-being and personal success, particularly neuro-linguistic programming.

Personally, and with my clients I got great, sometimes fantastic, results but something fundamental seemed to be missing...


Why did people achieve their goals and yet, after the initial euphoria of success, return to their habitual (and often exhausting) ways thinking and behaving?

Why was it that people, who seemingly had everything you could possibly want, often struggle to find lasting happiness, contentment and security?

Why did people get stuck in belief systems, errant thinking and behaviours that often lead to repetition of the same mistakes?


In 2011 I came across the inside-out understanding and immediately I realised this was the missing link.

Trying to control our thinking and behaviour is not reliable or sustainable enough to make it a viable approach to life.

In fact, this is the cause of a great deal of stress.

Getting more out of life, moving through challenging periods gracefully and continuing to grow and evolve, is about aligning yourself with the natural intelligence behind life.

The more we appreciate and respect this system the less we tend to get caught in our personal thinking. We develop a deep inner confidence and feel for our own inner guidance.

The inspiration behind this programme is that you realise this understanding for yourself at increasingly deeper levels and experience increasing feelings of well-being.

I have been fortunate enough to both work with and get to know some brilliant teachers and coaches in this understanding.

I wanted to bring together an inspiring group of people, in a generative atmosphere, to learn from some of the best teachers.

How is the programme structured?

The programme consists of 4 live days, one per quarter, and 8 live webinars, one in each month in between the live days (the dates and times are further down the page).

You will have the unique opportunity to learn from 12 brilliant, charismatic and experienced facilitators (more information on each presenter further down the page).

Where are the live days being held?

The venue is Henley Business School just outside Henley on Thames. The physical environment is set in beautiful grounds on the bank of the river.

The atmosphere is professional yet relaxed, so it is a great place to learn without distraction.

Access is good and facilities excellent. Rooms are available to stay over should you wish to do so.

The webinars are live on-line events using Zoom. You will receive a link to join and can use pc, mac or phone.

The facilitators

Live day presenters

1. Piers Thurston
Piers is a highly experienced coach, working with both SME's and corporate brands. He is also a sought-after speaker.

Having already explored and utilised a broad range of approaches he came across the inside-out understanding, which is the foundation of his work. He specialises in helping his clients solve intractable problems through unlocking new levels of clarity, resourcefulness and resilience.

Piers will guide you to a deeper understanding of the invisible variable that underpins your performance, frees you from unwanted habits and increases your mental bandwidth.

2. Kimberley Hare
Michael Neil said, 'Kimberley Hare is one of the most impressive human beings I have met and worked with over the past twenty years – a successful entrepreneur, gifted coach, genius facilitator and true friend.'

Kim is one of the UK's most innovative and experienced trainers and has a deep grounding in the inside-out understanding. She runs several highly popular programmes including 'The Heart of Thriving'.

Kim is exceptional at helping you realise more of your potential and live the life that is possible for you.

3. Stef Cybichowski
Going through a very challenging time in his life Stef's the discovery of the inside-out understanding changed how he saw himself and the world and allowed him to move to a place of ease and flow.

Stef is an international trainer, coach and speaker in the inside-out understanding and shares it with a diverse range of people. His inspiring teaching leads people to an exponential transformation of the quality of life, on a business and personal level.

4. Wyn Morgan
Wynn is an international and highly sought-after trainer. He is an expert in sales and leadership training, bringing the inside-out understanding to both private clients and corporate work.

Rather than working on changing your circumstances, Wyn explores how our experience of life is created.
He is a faculty member on Michael Neill's Super Coach Academy programme and regular conference speaker.

Webinar presenters   

5. Annika Hurwitt
Annika is one of my favourite coaches and trainers having worked with her as my own personal coach. Her teaching has immediate and powerful impact.

Annika came across the inside-out understanding over twenty-five years ago and worked with the late Sydney Banks and with Pransky and Associates. She has worked with thousands of people and many businesses and her work is at the cutting edge of how the understanding is now being shared.

6. David Callahan
David lives in Milan and is a successful actor and voice artist.

He is also an experienced coach where his focus is helping people become more present in their personal lives and more effective, spontaneous and impactful in their professional lives. David lives what he teaches, and his work is highly regarded.

David has great charisma and is brilliant and helping people unlock their true authentic self.

7. Sheela Masand
Sheela lives on the Costa Blanca in Spain. She co-created a multi-million turnover food import business but following the unexpected passing of her business partner she went through a challenging time in her life.

The ultimate outcome lead to a coaching career and discovery of the inside-out understanding. She is an in-demand coach who specialises in marketing and helping professional people find their authentic voice.

Her events, held in Spain, are highly popular and well attended.

I have worked with Sheela as my coach and she has been of great help to me personally and my business.

8. Elaine Hilides
Elaine is a long-time coach with a vast amount of experience. She has been a student of many different approaches but for over ten years has exclusively shared the inside-out understanding.

She started the first the principles-based well-being workshop run in the UK. Her work helps clients transcend unwanted and destructive patterns of thinking and behaviour.

9. Jo Munday
Jo has a passion for helping people to express themselves, and tell their story, in a natural authentic way.

She has spent many years behind a camera, directing videos for businesses, charities and corporations. She has been working with online video production since 2006.

Jo has a deep grounding in the inside-out understanding, which underpins her work.

9. Cheryl Bond
Cheryl was introduced to the inside-out understanding when she was in an organisational development role in the 1990's, working with a large defence contractor.

The story of this company is almost legendary in how it turned around from chronic under-performance to 20+ years of high growth and profitability.

Cheryl went on to set up her own consultancy 'Essential Resilience' and is a highly respected and well-known trainer who has several affiliations as well as her own clients.

10. Phil Hathaway
Phil is a full time and highly regarded coach. He is on the faculty of Michael Neill's Super Coach Academy programme where he mentors students and facilitates webinars.

His transformative coaching helps clients to stop coping with stress and looking outside of themselves for inspiration, confidence, happiness, well-being and contentment. Instead, by connecting with your true nature, you feel a deep quality of freedom in your life.

11. Fiona Jacob
Fiona was my mentor when I first came across the inside-out understanding.

She has experienced a great deal in her live. She was held hostage for 5 months in Baghdad, prior to the first Gulf war. She was Director of Nursing at a major Riyadh hospital and dealt with the devastating impact of Al Qaeda bombing in the city. In 2005 she witnessed the stabbing of her closest friend.

These experiences ultimately lead to her own personal 'awakening' and she is now a wonderful guide, helping people to create and live joy-filled, purposeful, abundant lives.

12. Sue Farmer
Sue and her business, Miradorus, take an innovative approach to helping individuals and businesses unlock their potential and consistently operate at peak performance levels.

One of the keys to performance and success is learning to get out of our own way. Sue, through her deep understanding of the mind, helps you develop a more healthy and sustainable approach to achieving your goals.


Piers will be the facilitator on the first live day. We are in the process of scheduling the others (some are in different times zones) and will advise their dates soon.

Dates and times of the programme

17th June 2019 Live day 9am - 5pm
09th July 2019 Live webinar 2pm - 3.30pm
13th August 2019 Live webinar 2pm - 3.30pm
16th September 2019 Live day 9am - 5pm
08th October 2019 Live webinar 2pm - 3.30pm
12th November 2019 Live webinar 2pm - 3.30pm
09th December 2019 Live day 9am - 5pm
07th January 2020 Live webinar 2pm - 3.30pm
11th February 2020 Live webinar 2pm - 3.30pm
16th March 2020 Live day 9am - 5pm
07th April 2020 Live webinar 2pm - 3.30pm
05th May 2020 Live webinar 2pm - 3.30pm

The live days are held on a Monday for ease of travel if you need to arrive the day before.

All the sessions will be recorded so you have access to them again or in the event that you are unable to attend a session.

Is this programme right for you?

We live in challenging times where the world seems increasingly complex, unpredictable and turbulent.

Through no fault of our own we are trying to navigate our way through it with the cultural misunderstanding that our outer circumstances create our inner experience.

The inherent problem this creates is that no matter how clever, talented or hard-working we are, we innocently get caught in this trap.

Believing that our outer circumstances have hold of our feelings leads to the logical conclusion that we need to engineer our circumstances - yet this cannot work because it is based on a false paradigm.

The inside-out understanding points you back to truth. It wakes you up from the dream.

If you want to go 'beyond empowerment' and experience increasing personal freedom and well-being this programme is designed to create this rock-solid foundation.


Are you ready to book your place?

Some people are ready to enrol immediately, and some want a little more time or information before deciding.

Whichever group you are in I urge you to take action now because when you take immediate action and create the commitment to take a genuine step towards deepening your freedom of mind.

What is your investment and what is included?

Your investment is £299 per month x 12.

This includes all 12 sessions and refreshments and lunch on the live days.

We can book accommodation for you and this is settled by you (so is not included in the above investment).

To reserve you place please pay the deposit using the button below.

The subsequent payments are due on the first of each month beginning 1st July.


If you have questions or would like to arrange a conversation about the programme, please e-mail john@dashfield.com