‘A gamechanger’

Case study with Rory Menmuir
Charles Stanley & Co. Limited

Rory Menmuir had always been looking to deepen his level of client service. While his technical knowledge and expertise was top-notch, he felt that there was a more profound and impactful way that he could work with his clients.

So after reading John’s book, The Client-Centred Financial Adviser, and hearing him speak at the Lifestyle Financial Planning Conference in Birmingham, Rory, a financial planner at Charles Stanley, decided to enroll in his six-week group programme, The Client Engagement Masterclass, in June 2020. Having successfully completed the course, he started one-to-one weekly sessions with John over the next four months.

Previously Rory’s client focus had been 30% of his overall work, versus 70% on the technical side, but now, after working with John, it’s 95%. He benefitted most from looking at innovative approaches to thinking and listening skills. He has used these to understand his clients with far greater clarity and to challenge the clients’ own thinking and beliefs politely, but robustly. This has enabled them to experience their own insights and understanding of what they truly want to achieve with their lives.

As a result, his referrals are up and business overall has increased by 25% in 2021. He’s also able to manage his time more effectively, engage with his clients and build trust more easily.

“John’s coaching has been a gamechanger, not just for me, but it has made a huge difference for my clients too,” said Rory. “It has enabled me to change my whole focus, and helped me to listen and understand in much greater depth exactly what my clients want and help them to make the most of their lives and their assets.”