Inspirational Words of Wisdom

Here are a selection of quotes from my acclaimed book ‘The Client-centered Adviser’.

“Create a transformational rather than a transactional experience for your clients.”

“Your ability to connect in a human way and relate to your clients is what your client’s value.”

“What clients want is someone who is truly interested in them.”

John Dashfield book launch
Client Centred Adviser Book launch

“A healthy, high-functioning state of mind is essential in creating meaningful, high-trust relationships.”

“We have an innate, in-built capacity for new thinking, insight, flashes of inspiration and moments of clarity.”

“Every business has a culture, whether intentionally created or not.”

“People do not realise that what they are really up against is their own thinking.”

“In your client meetings nothing is more powerful than you being fully present.”

“What are the things standing in the way of your business becoming a much better business?”

“We feel our thinking about our circumstances, we do not feel our circumstances directly.”
“In our culture we hugely over value ‘doing’

and hugely under value ‘being’.”

“When we sacrifice being present by being frenetic we so often waste vast amounts of our time and energy.”


“We live in a world where people increasingly get caught in the trap of feeling they need to go faster.”

“Creating high-trust business relationships is about the quality of mind that you bring to the relationship.”

“A client feels a deep connection to their adviser when they have been deeply listened to.”

“The one thing that people deeply value is to be listened to and feel understood.”

“It is crucial that your clients do their very best thinking in your meetings.”

“When the tone of a meeting is high better results are produced in less time.”

“Establishing deep rapport and connection with your clients is essential to doing high quality work.”

“The real measure of the quality of your client conversations is not the content but the tone.”

“Have you ever stopped to consider what it is that you actually sell?”

“People make decisions emotionally and they justify them with reason and logic.”

“The potential for your client meetings is that they find them inspiring, invigorating and uplifting.”

“A common misunderstanding is thinking that people make decisions logically.”

“Logic may make us think but it is emotion that makes us act.”

“Your client’s depth of emotional engagement determines their perception of value.”