A three-day week and quadrupled turnover

Case study with Jeremy Askew
Town Close Financial Planning

Jeremy Askew was fed up listening to trainers going on about the same familiar sales techniques. So Jeremy was intrigued to find out more when one of them told him that, if he wasn’t interested in hearing what they had to say, he could go and listen to “that bloke John Dashfield”.

After reading John’s book, The Client-Centred Financial Adviser, something struck a chord. Invited to contact John at the end of his book, Jeremy decide to do exactly that.

After successfully completing a three-day one-to-one session with John in Rye, West Sussex in May 2017, Jeremy continued his training, keeping in regular contact with John over Skype and email over the next 18 months.

As a result of what he has learnt from John, Jeremy has fundamentally changed his business strategy, delegating more work to others. Now he works three days a week, enabling him to spend quality time with his children. Turnover for his company, Town Close Financial Planning, has also quadrupled from £300,000 to £1.2 million in the space of four years.

“In short, John’s technique has been transformative for me,” said Jeremy. “I have changed my whole approach to business, listening to my clients rather than talking to them, and I’m also able to prioritise what’s important to both myself and my clients.”