Coming to terms with grief

Case study with Dominic Baldwin
Managing Director, Xentum

Dominic Baldwin was suffering from grief after his father’s death from pancreatic cancer 13 years ago. Only he didn’t realise it at the time.

On top of that, Dominic had just gone through a divorce, and felt constantly fatigued and disconnected from other people. He also wanted a quieter and more balanced life.

It was only when Dominic was introduced to John by his brother and met up with him in London for a chat that he realised he needed help. So he arranged to have weekly online conversations with John for the next year. Over the following three years, they would occasionally meet up, or go on training days or retreats.

By working with John, Dominic has come to terms with his feelings and to understand why he felt that way. That has helped him develop a clear mind that enables him to make better decisions and perform at his best.

“I was constantly overthinking everything, which resulted in negative thoughts, stemming from the grief I was suffering from my father’s death,” said Dominic, founder of Xentum. “But after working with John, I’m now in a much better place, at peace with myself, while my business performance has improved exponentially.”