Improving client focus

Case study with Fulva Giust
The Giust Practice

Fulva Giust was always on the go, trying to get multiple jobs done at the same time, and struggled to slow down her thinking to focus on the task in front of her.

But, while listening to John as guest speaker at an event hosted by St James’s Place, she had a lightbulb moment. Fulva realised that this was what she was looking for – the ability to place her client firmly in the centre of her thinking. So she signed up for his six-week group programme, The Client Engagement Masterclass in June 2020.

Fulva took part in John’s workshop over Zoom and the class (a group of IFAs across the industry) have kept in touch ever since, meeting monthly to collaborate and share ideas. She also committed to working with John on a one-to-one weekly online basis between October 2020 and May 2021.

The work Fulva has done with John has given her a far greater awareness of how to remain present in her meetings with clients and how to prevent her mind from drifting to other tasks ahead.  He has shown her the power of our thinking and how that affects the way we see our clients and their needs.  As a direct result, she has changed her whole approach, ensuring clients receive her undivided attention when she is with them.

Through this work, Fulva was able to visualise the type of adviser she wanted to be and re-designed her website.  It’s already paying dividends, client introductions are at an all-time high, her clients feel much more valued, and the recognition has resulted in a new title within SJP for Fulva, who has moved from Senior Partner to Founding Managing Partner.

“As a result of John’s teaching, I have come away with a much more fulfilling and better working relationship with everyone I engage with” said Fulva. “It has taught me that there is no greater satisfaction than seeing the excitement in my clients with the work we are doing together.  I truly believe I am finally offering the best possible service to them”.