Client Engagement Masterclass – exclusive for SJP

The world of financial advice is changing… 

Almost overnight virtual meetings have become our normal way of working!

And to continue to thrive in a world where transactional advice is being increasingly commoditised it has never been more important to create a transformational client experience.

But you might be wondering, where do I begin?

Dear Friend,

During these inspiring webinars you will be learning how to deeply engage your clients, significantly increase the impact of your work and, as a result, future proof your business.

And most importantly, do it in a way that feels easy, natural and aligned with who you are.

Sound good?

Why am I delivering this programme?

For years the financial services business has been focused on improving your technical ability. You have no doubt spent scores, if not hundreds, of hours in study.

But here is the thing…

There are many technically able advisers who suffer lost opportunities, lower income, lack of referrals, less enjoyment and more stress because they do not engage clients in a compelling way that creates real impact.

Today, people have higher expectations and aspirations for their lives than ever before.

And just like you do, your clients want to live happy, meaningful and authentic lives based on what matters most to them.

So, what they value extremely highly is:



Do you want to be able to intentionally create these outcomes rather than just leaving it to chance?


Make a bigger impact

At whatever level of experience you are at this programme is designed so you can make a bigger impact with your clients and, consequently, get bigger, better results and more enjoyment from what you do.

Imagine becoming a master at:


How much difference would it make to you and your business if these factors became your standard way of operating?


Why is this programme different?

Most of the material you will find on client engagement is focused upon giving you tools, processes and techniques.

However, after doing this myself for several years I began to notice this often fails to make any meaningful difference.

The reason is because there is something far more fundamental going on and it is why trying to develop new behaviours so often has low impact, is not sustainable and, in some cases, even has a negative effect.


The key to exceptional levels of engagement

I read some research that said that in 1980 the average attention span of a person was was 20 minutes – today it is just 7 seconds!

In this fast-paced world, many people do not realise just how distracted they have become.

If your quality of presence and attention is low it puts a barrier between you and your client.

Because with a clear mind you are free to put your full attention on your client, listen to them without judgement and be highly intuitive in your responses.

As you develop and deepen your understanding of the role of thought, you will find yourself easily and effortlessly connecting with your clients at the level required to do transformational work.

Ultimately, this creates more value for them and more business for you.


Is this programme right for you?

Many advisers, despite their technical ability, never reach their potential because of poor communication skills.

For instance, there are still many advisers relying on out-dated, ‘old school’, sales training they had years ago.

Now, more than ever, if you are to thrive as a practitioner you must have the ability and confidence to connect with your clients in ways that has them experience extraordinary value in what you can do for them.

What leads to poor results?

I used to believe that being a powerful communicator was all about having the right tools. If you knew the right things to do and the right things to say then this was what counted.

But I was wrong.

Many practitioners, without even knowing it, have habits that work against them and, as a result, they compromise the level of trust and respect they get from clients.

Let me share three extremely common examples:

1) There is a toxic question that many advisers are asking themselves when in client meetings and it lowers trust and loses them business. Most do not even know this question is on their minds because it is a deeply ingrained, unconscious habit.

I know from my own personal experience that once you are free from this destructive habit you are able to communicate in a much more human way and, consequently, your relationships becomes richer, more rewarding and more profitable.

2) Many advisers talk too much techno-babble to clients and this will often lower the tone of conversations and compromise trust.

There is a reason that advisers do this and yet once understood you will easily find a healthy balance between delivering information and keeping your clients interested and engaged at all times.

So, instead of making the client feel at ease and opening them up, it does the complete opposite.

When you understand why this happens it becomes easy to eradicate this situation and have easy, flowing and yet highly productive conversations.


What does the programme involve and what it will do for you?

When you enrol in this programme you will receive a pre-programme questionnaire to be completed before your sessions begin.

This will help you to clearly determine your outcomes, where you are now and the areas you want to focus upon and develop.

The programme itself consists of 12 live webinar sessions. This means that there is no travelling involved and you can participate from the comfort of your own home or office.

The sessions will take place over approximately three months so that there is plenty of space in-between each webinar (an important aspect of the programme). On each session there will be the opportunity to ask questions, make comments, focus upon particular areas of importance and return to areas you would like to understand better.

Just some of the content we will cover:

*Leveraging the human dimension

*Effortlessly building rapport, trust and credibility

*What makes a great client meeting?

*Discovering what your client really wants

*Keeping your clients highly engaged

*Demonstrating the exceptional value you bring

*Eliminating obstacles and roadblocks to your success

Programme times and dates

The dates are:

Every Wednesday from 14th April to 30th June. Time of each 90 minute webinar is 3pm to 4.30pm (and remember each one is recorded so you do not miss out on any).

Some people are ready to enrol immediately and some want a little more time or information before deciding to join the programme.

Whichever group you are in I urge you to take action now because when you take immediate action you will create momentum and take a genuine step towards your goals rather than procrastinating through indecision.

Even though I am completely confident this programme will deliver exceptional value I want to remove all risk. I want to make sure that you are 100% happy with me, the programme and what you are learning.

So, if after the first two sessions you are not completely happy that you can get a full refund of the fee, no quibble.

Save £200 by enrolling now at the early bird price of £797.00!