'A healthy, high-functioning state of mind is essential in creating meaningful, high-trust relationships.'

John Dashfield

The adviser 1-2-1 transformational coaching programme

The purpose of this programme is for you to excel as an adviser and thrive as a human being.

What makes this programme different?

Rather than giving you tools, strategies and behavioural solutions, this programme will give you a solid and completely dependable foundation from which to produce results.

As you re-connect with ‘the real you’, you experience increasing levels of clarity, well-being and resilience. 

You will find that old, worn out and destructive habits of thinking fall away without effort, anxieties disappear and you operate from a new way of being in the world.


What do you want to accomplish as an adviser?

Make a bigger difference in the lives of your clients?

Build a more profitable, client-centred business?

Fall in love with what you do again?

Live with a clear sense of purpose?

Have more joy and less stress?

Lead a rich and fulfilling life?

Whatever your outcomes, your programme is bespoke to you. 

You will emerge from your programme with a deep understanding of the principles behind life, a fresh relationship with your own wisdom and creativity, and an unshakable confidence in your ability to positively impact the lives of others.


To find out more or book your intensive please send an e-mail to john@clientcentredadvisers.com.


Does it work?

‘John has really helped change my thinking, increased my confidence and reduced my anxiety. I feel anything is achievable and feel that John has improved not only my business life but personal life as well. Highly, highly recommended!’ 

Geoff Buckland, IFA, Pension and Investment Specialist


‘Combined with his business experience and training, this is someone who really will help you to achieve not only greater success, but more peace of mind and harmony along the way. Wherever you are in your business or personal life, you’ll be surprised and delighted by where a conversation with John will take you. Don’t prevaricate, just call him.’

Andy Jervis, Chesterton House Financial Planning


‘Working with John Dashfield as my coach has resulted in a truly transformative experience. In the past 12 months I have significantly grown my business, learned more about myself and enriched my life in many ways.’

Richard Foster, Open Door IFA