“In every area of life everyone is capable of seeing from a higher perspective than they do now. You are never stuck. You're simply limited by the level you are seeing from. Limitation is always illusion. Just wait. Relax. Stay still. Wait until the wisdom talks to you.”

Sydney Banks

The Freedom of Mind Retreat

10th and 11th June 2023

As human beings we all have an innate desire to experience mental clarity, inner peace, and fulfilment. Yet in this incredibly fast paced world we live in it can seem as though almost everything is conspiring against us.

The aim of this 2-day retreat is reconnecting you to your innate health and inner wisdom.

John Dashfield
Course creator and leader

Learning to align with the intelligence of nature’s design

The conventional approach to improved well-being is all about giving you tools, techniques, and practices.

Yet, at best, these are coping mechanisms and overlook the fact that you are innately healthy.

So, how do you access your well-being if there is nothing to do?

William James, regarded and the father of modern psychology, observed over one hundred years ago that the field of psychology had no fundamental principles. He said:

‘Someday someone will find principles for psychology and when they do, it will change the field to a philosophy and a science and in turn it will help millions of people.’

These principles were uncovered by the late Sydney Banks in the 1970’s and are now helping people all over the world deepen their sense of well-being, achieve more of their full potential, and thrive in every aspect of their lives.

An exploration into these Principles and how they play out in our lives creates extremely fertile ground for:

Increasing the richness and enjoyment of your life

Realising more of your potential

Enhancing your ability to communicate with and listen deeply to other people

Moving beyond empowerment and into 'flow' states of mind

Significantly reducing and eliminating stress, overwhelm, and internal pressure

Spending more time in a present, settled state of mind

Discovering that fresh, new insights are only ever one thought away

Change becoming natural, effortless, and sustainable rather than difficult

During our two days together we will be exploring fundamental questions such as:

If you are already doing well in life, how do you continue to evolve?

How can you transcend habitual thought patterns, such as over-thinking, worry and internal pressure, and without effort on your part to do so?

Is there really just one solution to any problem or challenge you could ever face?

The inspiration behind this retreat

I founded my coaching practice in 2004 after fifteen years of owning a financial advisory practice. My passion is helping people fulfil more of their potential and be the best version of themselves, more of the time.

In the earlier years I utilised a combination of several approaches to performance, well-being and personal success, particularly neuro-linguistic programming.

Both personally, and with my clients, I got good, sometimes great, results but something fundamental seemed to be missing. I had questions such as… 

Why did people achieve their goals and yet, after the initial euphoria of success, return to their habitual (and often exhausting) ways thinking and behaving?

Why was it that people, who seemingly had everything you could possibly want, often struggle to find lasting happiness, contentment, and security?

Why did people get stuck in belief systems, erroneous thinking and behaviours that often lead to repetition of the same mistakes? 

In 2011 I came across the Principles that Sydney Banks discovered and I realised this was the missing link.

I realised that trying to control our thinking and behaviour (which is what I had been doing) is neither reliable or sustainable enough to make it a viable approach to life. In fact, this in itself is the cause of a great deal of stress for man people.

Getting more out of life, moving through challenging periods gracefully, and continuing to grow and evolve is about aligning yourself with the natural intelligence behind life.

The more we appreciate and respect this system the less we tend to get caught up in our personal thinking. We develop a deep inner confidence and feel for our own inner guidance.

The inspiration behind this retreat is that you realise this understanding for yourself at increasingly deeper levels and experience increased feelings of well-being.

My co-host Stef Cybichowski

A master transformative coach, speaker trainer and facilitator. I have an absolute passion for helping people to wake up to their own innate wellbeing. I share a very simple, but profound understanding of how the mind works. Understanding the mind, knowing how to align with it and its infinite resources, allows us to explore the very depths of our true potential and consequently experience a more vibrant, engaged, fulfilling life.

I work with business leaders, business teams, entrepreneurs, mental health professionals, schools and many individual clients from all walks of life to help find their wellbeing, create levels of performance and achieve results that could previously have not been imagined. I work in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and the United States.

When and where is the 2-day retreat being held?

10th and 11th June 2023

In Central London at 30 Euston Square.  

Hours are 9am to 5pm.

Is this retreat for you?

We live in challenging times where the world seems increasingly complex, unpredictable, and turbulent.

Through no fault of our own we are trying to navigate our way through it with the cultural misunderstanding that our outer circumstances create our inner experience.

The inherent problem this creates is that no matter how clever, talented, or hard-working we are, we innocently get caught in this trap.

Believing that our outer circumstances have hold of our feelings leads to the logical conclusion that we need to engineer our circumstances to get more of what we want and less of want we don’t. Yet this cannot work because it is based on a false paradigm.

The inside-out understanding points you back to truth. It wakes you up from the dream.

If you want to go ‘beyond empowerment’ and experience increasing personal freedom and well-being this retreat is designed to create this rock-solid foundation.

What is your investment?

Your investment is £597

This includes the two days, and refreshments on arrival, mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

To reserve your place

If you have any questions please email me at john@dashfield.com