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The secret of successful selling

I first met Jamie Smart nearly twenty years ago and have seen him build two successful businesses and author some excellent books and programmes.

His book, ‘Clarity‘ is a best-seller and I recommend it.

I was re-reading my copy a few days ago and his section on ‘The secret of successful selling‘ caught my attention. He is revealing something that is absolutely fundamental yet really easy to miss. He writes:

‘Every successful sales person knows that the single most influential factor in closing a deal is the client’s experience during the sales process. And what’s the biggest factor that influences the clients experience?

The experience the sales person is having.

If the sales person has clarity of mind, they’ll connect easily with the client, listen deeply, and respond intuitively and effectively. They’ll feel secure in themselves, and have a service-orientation, looking for the solution that’s best for the client. The client will usually “pick up” on the salesperson’s felt experience, and will bring their own clarity and comfort to the decision making process.

But all too often, sales people don’t have clarity of mind; instead, their heads are clogged up with superstitious thinking. They’re worried about hitting their sales targets, or trying to remember what the next step of their company’s sales process is. They’re focused on making the client like them, and afraid of feeling rejected. As a result, they come across as needy and desperate.

The solution to this is simple: Clarity of understanding. When you have an insightful understanding of innate thinking, you know clarity of mind is your strongest card. When your head fills up with superstitious thinking (as it does for all of us from time to time), you notice and allow it to self-correct. You unconsciously telegraph your sense of security, comfort, and wisdom to your client, as you support them in making the decision that’s genuinely right for them.’

What I have discovered is that we tend to vastly under-estimate the significance of our state of mind.

Selling is such a great example because we can often have so much emotion tied up with it. This gets in the way of what successful selling really is – creating and building relationships.

With greater understanding of how your mind works you are free from the burden of fear and insecurity and fully available to serve your client.

Does this resonate with you?

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