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Twenty signs you are on the path to truly great financial planning

What is the difference between ‘average’ financial planners and those who become truly great at financial planning?

I have been reflecting on this question for a while now and wanted to share my thoughts on this with you.

I think it begins with the ‘want to’. Do you truly want to deliver great financial planning?

Once you say ‘Yes’ then you are on your way and how it seems to me is that greatness is a path rather than a destination. It is also far more of an inner game than an outer game because it is the shifts in your way of being that lead to outer greatness. 

Financial planners and advisers on the path to greatness:

1. Know their own life is the best example to clients

Are you living the life you want or are you at least on a clear path to it? Are you a living example of what you can do for your clients? Being your own best client is the most powerful way you can deliver great financial planning for your clients because you are coming from authenticity. 

2. Are client centred

Most advisers are product centred or problem and solution centred. Being client centred means that your client – their success, well-being, quality of life, and peace of mind – is your primary focus and concern. You cannot fake this because people will feel where you are coming from.

3. Focus on serving, not selling

The most powerful way to grow your financial planning practice is by serving people so deeply that they ask you, ‘So, how do we work together?’

4. Get coaching

We all have blind spots. These are areas where we lack clarity, have a skills gap, or erroneous thinking that keeps us from realising more of our potential. Without good coaching the chances are that you will keep repeating the same limiting patterns of thinking and behaviour over and over again. 

5. Are not driven by money

It’s great to make money. Yet being driven by it is unhealthy and will end in burnout because of the stress it creates. 

6. Are continually learning, growing, and evolving

When we commit to continuous learning we feel more alive and engaged in life. Your continued evolution is the best way to keep your client relationships fresh and inspiring. 

7. Make looking after themselves a priority

To consistently show up as the best version of ourselves it is essential that we are consistently and continually sharpening the saw. This means we pay attention to and nurture our spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Click here for more on this subject.  

8. Are clear on who they can help (and who they can’t)

It takes clarity and courage to commit to only working with ‘ideal’ clients. Yet it will transform your work and your business when you do. 

10. Are not afraid to call their clients out

Powerful financial planners and advisers and not ‘people pleasers’ or subservient to their clients. As a trusted adviser they are willing (with permission) to challenge their clients when it will be in service to the client.

11. Focus on their genius and delegate the rest

Many practitioners struggle to let go of routine tasks and can spend a career of doing administrative work. You can only deliver great financial planning by doing what makes you feel alive and allow others to do the rest.  

12. Are completely unattached to outcomes

It seems counter-intuitive to be unattached to outcomes. Yet the alternative is what most people are doing, which is to try to control life which actually pushes what you want further away.    

13. Are willing to listen to and follow their intuition

Being willing to listen to and follow your intuition is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself and your life. The more you follow your intuition the better your career and life will get. 

14. Love the process of getting clients

Many practitioners experience getting clients as the hard part of their work. Yet learning to love the hard parts is what puts you on the path to greatness.

15. Bounce back quickly

We all experience setbacks because they are an unavoidable aspect of life. Yet being increasingly resilient and not take things seriously or personally is part of our evolution. 

16. Are not afraid of making mistakes

Fear of making mistakes or looking foolish is what stops many people from reaching their next level. My coach once said to me that to get really good you have to be willing to look bad more often. 

17. Do not unhealthily compare themselves to others

The ego is always comparing how we measure up to others in a negative way. Be inspired by others but be happy with who you are and where you are on your path.

18. Own their mistakes and put them right

Mistakes are inevitable and it is powerful to admit them, own them, and put things right. 

19. Understand that wealth is not confined to money

In the wealth management business many people think wealth means only financial wealth. True wealth is just as much a sense of well-being, overall quality of life, and peace of mind.

20. Love themselves unconditionally

The most powerful force in the universe is love. Not love in a personal way, but love as a way of being. Loving yourself, including your imperfections, is essential for greatness.

My request to you is that you give these more than a cursory glance because that will not do much for you.

Instead, reflect on these signs and ask yourself: 

1. Where am I on the path? 

2. What resonates with me?

3. What is my very next action?

It may be that you do not agree with every point and that’s fine. You can use this list as a starting point for your own. 

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