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Where do you find new clients?

What prompted this article was recently reading that 70% of advisers are actively seeking new clients.

I know from working for myself for over twenty five years and working with dozens of my own clients that consistently bringing on new clients can seem a big challenge.

Typical questions that people ask themselves when wanting to grow their client base are:

How can I get more leads?
How can I attract more of the right clients?
What can I do to get people to hire me?

But these are very inwardly facing questions. They tend to create a ‘push-away’ rather than a ‘pull-towards’.

The problem is never that there are not enough potential clients out there for you. There are many people who badly need what you can do for them.

More than you could ever cope with. But where do you find them?

Where does opportunity exist?

Most people think opportunity exists outside and independent of them but this is never the case.

The life we lead is a purely psychological one – our life IS our thinking and, therefore, all problems and all ideas originate in our thinking.

I wrote a chapter in my book ‘The Client-Centred Financial Adviser’ called ‘The Source of all opportunity’…

‘Opportunity is always going to arrive as a thought. Something occurs to you out of the blue. It may be someone to call, an idea about how you can help someone or perhaps something you would like to do. This is your innate wisdom showing up and the more you act upon this kind of thinking, the more generative your thinking becomes.’

Because our state of mind is invisible we hugely under-estimate its impact.

In my coaching work with advisers I found that giving people ideas about where they could find clients was not a consistently effective approach for one very important reason.

What works for me won’t work for you.

Someone could give you all their secrets, knowledge and activities that work brilliantly for them, but what makes anything work is the energy behind what you are doing.

This does not mean to say that you shouldn’t up-skill in a particular activity but it is being fully behind it that creates the pull.

Knowing how to awaken this energy in yourself is they key. You are backed by the creative life force. You have an unlimited capacity to come up with ideas.

So, rather than trying to figuring out how to get more leads, which can be soul destroying, it is taking the pressure off by understanding the role of thought.

It always comes back to the same thing in the end.

When we come from a place of service (which is a state of mind) there is tremendous freedom in this.

When we are not after anything, just interested in whether we can genuinely help another human being, we see so much more.


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